Advance Car Rental Singapore

Company Information

Advance Car Rental Singapore is a local company incorporated in Singapore. Our company’s objective is to provide convenient and low cost car rental service to the masses. We have a wide fleet of vehicles to cater for a variety of different needs. Our experienced team of dedicated sales and operation personnel is trained to handle all enquires and customer satisfaction is the driving force behind our team spirit.

At Advance Car Rental Singapore, all vehicles are diligently maintained to tip top condition to ensure a safe and enjoyable driving experience for our valued patrons. Our car rental periods range from a single day to long term, either on weekly, monthly or even yearly basis.

No Frills Car Rental Policy

Advance Car Rental Singapore has a low cost business model. We have no hidden fees and we do not require any deposit on your car rental. This will remain as our main principal for time to come. As we do not operate from Airport depots, hotel lobbies or luxurious offices, we do not have to pay the horrendously expensive rental and parking fees. Our office is conveniently located and set up in a way to keep cost low. Our car rental booking systems are kept as simple as possible. Our staffs are well trained and efficient enabling us to save on manpower. We do not provide “free delivery service” which many car rental companies are offering, the delivery charges has probably already been factor into their car rental rates! We “bulk buy” our car parts (i.e. engine oil, oil filters, tires, etc.) and takes excellent care of our cars. Well maintained vehicles leads to fewer breakdowns and in terms leads to lower maintenance cost. All of these save us money which we will pass to you on your next car rental!

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