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Things to look out for when renting a car in Singapore

In Singapore, rental of private cars through a car rental company is illegal. Land Transport Authority (LTA) only allows private car owners to rent out their cars from 7pm on Fridays to 7am on Mondays and from 7pm on the eve of public holidays to 7am on the first following working day. The car owners who are renting out their cars are responsible for providing adequate insurance coverage for the period of the rental. Additional insurance for car rental must be purchase during this period.

In recent years, there has been a proliferation of unathorized "car rental companies" offering cheap rental cars using private cars that do not have proper insurance coverage. Do take note that driving without a proper insurance is an offence and if caught, driver could face both fine and jail.

To protect your interest, always ask the rental company to produce the rental car insurance certificate for verification. Check through the certificate to make sure that the car is properly insured. If in doubt, do not rent!

Driving directions in Singapore

Need directions driving around Singapore? Here is an interesting site that can guide you there . Just key in where you are at and where you are going, Skypigeon will plan the route for you and get you there in time!

Petrol savings tips

The cost of petrol has risen drastically recently. In order to help you reduced the amount of money spend at the pump, we have come out with the 5 most important tips that could bring down your petrol consumption.

  • Check your tyre pressure
  • Avoid sudden braking and acceleration
  • Drive at moderate speed
  • Use the aircon sparingly
  • Plan your route before moving off